Qualification: BVSc

Graduated from Sydney University in 1998, Joined Pacific Vetcare in 1999 .

Interest Areas:-

  • Horse Breeding
  • Horse Medicine
  • Horse Surgery
  • Teaching Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse Course through TAFE & Open Colleges

Career Highlights:-

  • Guest Speaker at National Equine Veterinary Conference
  • Being a current member of AVA NSW division committee
  • Seeing Veterinary Nurse students finding employment in clinics on the mid north coast

Most Memorable career moments:-

  • Performing Lifesaving Colic surgery on a school girls pony club horse.
  • Honour of working with some famous TV personality’s Horse Breeding program.

Personal Hobbies:-

  • Riding horses
  • Camping
  • Wine
  • Playing lego and paw patrol with my son.

Number 1 on my bucket list:- Visiting Galapagos islands or Horse trekking in Patagonia

Treasured Moments:- Seeing the animals in AFRICA

Unusual talent:- Most people don’t know that Mez can play the piano!