• Pacific vetcare have been looking after my horses, chickens, dogs and rescued wildlife for 30+ years. They are amazing and diverse bunch of vets who really love and look after their patients. I couldn’t go anywhere else!

    Carmel Duffy

  • This team go above and beyond in research and treatment to deliver the best outcome for your pet and are with you every step of the way. Their experience and dedication combine to make a trusted and valuable team, with specialised Staff, highly needed on the Mid North Coast.

    Liesl Sandry

  • My daughters beautiful mare was struck down with a faecal impaction that nearly cost her, her life! The team at Pacific Care were there from the onset to the after care. They even let me watch! It was amazing to see how much care and devotion they had.

    April Harris

  • The team at PVC have been outstanding in their treatment of Animal Rescue Coffs Harbour’s animals over the years. We bring them quite an array of sad and sorry cases who they treat with respect, dignity, love and care. Together we give them a happy and healthy future.

    Dee Spinks