Is your cow listless and unwell? It may be suffering from 3 day sickness.

Bovine Ephemeral Fever (BEF) is common amongst young cattle, in the wetter northern NSW regions and after a wet-season. Although short lived, it can have dire consequences for vulnerable cattle. Call us to arrange a vaccination today.

Three day sickness, or bovine ephemeral fever, is a viral disease of cattle that is spread by mosquitoes and biting midges. It occurs in northern Australia and along the eastern seaboard south to the NSW-VIC border. It is called three day sickness because the clinical signs of the disease usually last for three days.
Clinical signs that would lead producers to suspect three day sickness include the following:

  • Depression
  • Lameness, muscle stiffness, shivering, twitching, droopy ears.
  • Drooling saliva, watery eyes, runny nose.
  • Recumbency
  • Reduced water and food intake.
  • Abortion
  • Heavier and older animals are more severely affected because long periods of recumbency leads to muscle damage.

Vaccination is available to prevent BEF. To achieve long lasting protection, two doses are required. The ideal is to give the first dose before disease occurs in the district. The second dose is then given at least four weeks later.