Concerned about an unwanted litter or your dog straying? De-sexing is the right thing to do.

There are lots of positive reasons to de-sex your dog. Call us to chat through the advantages and to find out about our approach to this very common and important procedure.

De-sexing a male dog usually takes place at around 6 months old and is a straightforward procedure. Once performed you don’t have to worry about him wanting to find other females and he’ll usually become more relaxed. For female dogs, removing the uterus stops her being ‘on heat’ twice a year, there’s no more worrying about unwanted litters and mess around the house. Dog shelters are full of unwanted dogs, do the right thing!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my dog be in hospital?

De-sexing is a day procedure and in most cases your dog will be ready to go home the same day.

What do I do when my dog comes home after being de-sexed?

At the time of discharging your dog from hospital our nurses will explain what you will need to do to ensure your dog makes a full recovery from their de-sexing procedure. Basically it will be a matter of you keeping your dog quiet, suture line dry and monitoring that it is healing properly.

Your dog’s sutures will be due to come out approximately 10 days after their procedure this is all part of the service so please phone our receptionists to make a convenient time for us to remove them for you.