Fleas are a pain! Jump to it and don’t let your dog or family suffer!

There’s a number of great flea treatments available for your dog; tablets, sprays, collars. Call us to discuss the many options you have.

Fleas really are a pest for dogs in Australia. Left untreated, your animal, and home, can quickly become infested. Once on your dog, they breed and lay eggs fast. They not only irritate your dog but they can also cause infections and anaemia. Preventative treatments work best as they stop the fleas from multiplying and taking hold. We also have a number of treatment options for an already affected dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do fleas affect my dog’s health?

Flea bites can cause anaemia, skin irritations and allergies making your dog unwell, distressed and uncomfortable. Fleas breed rapidly and can quickly infest your environment and other animals in your household.

There are many effective flea prevention products available, please call us on 66523455 and our friendly staff who will be happy to tailor a flea prevention program to suit your needs.

How do I know if my dog has fleas?

Signs that your dog may have fleas include scratching, redness of skin or obvious signs of flea dirt.  It is likely that you will see fleas running over your dogs skin.  The best place to inspect your dog for signs of fleas is at the base of their tail, on their belly or in their groin area.

What should I do if I see fleas on one of my pets?

Where there is one flea there is lots of fleas!  They will most likely be on all pets in the household, in animals bedding, carpet and dark damp spots in your gardens.

There are many effective treatments available please contact us on 66523455 so that we can help solve your flea infestation problem.