Lameness is usually easy to observe and treat but sometimes the cause is less obvious

Most horses will experience some kind of lameness during their lifetime. The symptoms are mostly obvious such as limping, or you may notice some swelling or an uneven gait.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common causes of lameness in Horses

Lameness is usually the result of trauma or orthopedic disease, however there can be other reasons such as metabolic dysfunction, circulatory disease, and infection which can cause pain and subsequent lameness. Orthopedic causes of lameness are very common and may be the result of damage to the hoof, bone, joints, or soft tissue. (credit: WIkipedia)

What should I do if I suspect my horse is lame?

Limit exercise and contact your veterinarian to arrange a consultation.  Take note of any helpful information such as:- how long you suspect the lameness has been present, any obvious trauma, are there any areas with swelling or heat,  is the lameness in one limb or multiple limbs,  is the horse otherwise healthy or are there other areas of concern.