Limping, lameness and discomfort caused by injuries or deformities can be resolved right here in Coffs Harbour!

Lameness can be noticed in various ways, such as: uneven gait, limping or completely non weight bearing on 1 or more of their limbs.  This can happen over a period of time or may have sudden onset as a result of an injury.  Either way these symptoms all signify discomfort and pain which can be treated.

Our veterinarians have the skills and facilities to diagnose and offer solutions to relieve your pet’s   aches and pains ensuring they have the best quality of life possible. Cruciate ligament repair, arthroscopy, fracture repairs and surgery to correct deformities are all common cases seen at our veterinary hospital.

Referrals and second opinions are welcome. Call or email us to learn how we can best help your pet.