Qualification: BVSc (Hons1), MANZCVS (Small Animal Surgery), GCM (VP)

Graduated from University of Queensland with 1st Class honours in 1998 & also has a Graduate Certificate in Practice Management from Charles Sturt University, Joined Pacific Vetcare in 2006 and became a Practice Partner in 2007.

Interest Areas:-

  • Small Animal Surgery, both orthopaedics and soft tissue.
  • Variety of general mixed animal practice cases seen in Coffs harbour.

Career Highlights:-

  • Becoming a Pacific Vetcare practice partner in 2007
  • Achieving membership to the Australian and New Zealand college of Veterinary Science for Small Animal Surgery in 2006.

Most Memorable career moments:-

  • Cattle Truck accident on Pacific Highway Coffs Harbour & providing veterinary assistance and help with approximate 60 head of cattle which were trapped.
  • Assisting with the humpback whale stranded on Sawtell beach.

Personal Hobbies:-

  • Surfing,
  • Skateboarding,
  • Snowboarding
  • Learning the guitar.

Number 1 on my bucket list:- Teach my 3 kids how to surf so that we can go on a surfing trip. (My wife is welcome as well)

Unusual Talent:- Can play the Trombone and Trumpet.