Qualification: BVSc (Hons1)

Graduated from Sydney University in 2002, Joined Pacific Vetcare in 2005

Interest Areas:-               

  • Small animal medicine
  • Small animal surgery
  • Rabbit medicine and surgery
  • Dog & Cat Behaviour
  • Blood transfusions (dogs and cats)
  • Emergency medicine

Career Highlights:-

  • All the cases that still come back with wagging tails and want to see us despite the time they spent sick and “tragic” with us.

Most Memorable career moments:-

  • Treating a special Standard Poodle named Guido for foreign bodies and the tricky medical recovery thereafter!
  • The time DJ and I removed a fish hook from the oesophagus of a dog- it was just above the heart base and we persisted for HOURS…. And then Success!
  • Snake bite survival patient from Sawtell named Xena …. Big team effort which included snake anti venom, blood transfusions and sheer “will power” .

 Special talent:-  Producer of Pacific Vetcare Music Video’s

Personal Hobbies:-

  • Chasing around after kidlets
  • Gardening
  • Day dreaming about interior design

Number 1 on my bucket list:-  To Renovate an old beach shack