Dr Lauren Jones

Qualifications: BVSc Bvetbio

Study Institute: Charles Sturt University

Interest Areas:-

  • Small and large animal surgery
  • Equine anesthesia
  • Equine dentistry
  • Emergency medicine
  • Wildlife medicine

Career Highlights:-

  • Graduating uni
  • Large animal technical rescue course
  • Taronga zoo wildlife course

Most memorable career moments:-

  • Being asked to consult on a lion.
  • First solo horse anesthetic
  • Removing a splenetic tumour the size of my head and the lab results coming back benign.
  • Vetting Adelaide 3 Day Event

Personal Hobbies: –

  • Equestrian
  • Reading
  • Stand up paddle boarding
  • Fire twirling
  • Hanging out with my two dogs, two horses and two cats

Number 1 on my bucket list: –

Travel Europe

Unusual Talent:

Being able to be heard in the entire building at one time

Treasured moments:-

  • Small wins where a pet gets relief following my treatment.
  • Time spent with Guess & Turbo, my two little gentlemen