Name: Tiffany Sullivan


Qualification:  Bachelor of Equine Science, Bachelor of Science (Vet Bioscience), Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.


Study Institute: The University of Sydney.


Interest Areas: Surgery, wildlife (particularly marine mammals and birds), animal reproduction (equine and zoological).


Career Highlights:

I love my job! Everyday is a highlight for some reason or another, but getting sick animals home to their families and treating and releasing wildlife is probably what brings me the most satisfaction.


Most Memorable career moments:

Getting to the bottom of some pretty tough cases and helping owners who’d all but given up get their family members home.

Researching dolphin behaviour and sea lion reproduction.


Personal Hobbies:-

Spending time with my horse, Aurora, and my dogs Poppy and Snowflake, horse riding, swimming, snorkeling, hiking, adventuring!


Number 1 on my bucket list:-

I have too many things on my bucket list to have a number 1!

I’d love to travel to every continent in the world, dive with whales and whale sharks, go on an African safari, vet at the Iditarod….


Unusual Talent:

Sheer dedication. If I want/need to know something I won’t stop until I get the answer.


Treasured Moments:

Spending time with my animals, family and friends.